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Artist Statement

My practice challenges the boundaries between craft and fine art, by putting a contemporary spin on thread as a material that we can view in both fine art and craft spaces.

I see thread as my pencil or paintbrush; exploring the versatility of thread, in ways that means it intrudes into other mediums. I push, pull and stretch the line of thread to draw. I build up layers in colour to create form, light, and shadow. I morph thread into tangible, 3D forms to push the work into the sculptural realm.


My love for thread happens in the process of making. The nails are a means to an end – they merely act as anchor points for the thread. My excitement comes from building up layers of thread, to witnessing the facial features coming together, and the emotion behind those faces becoming apparent.


Within my work I combine thread with other mediums, such as paint, acrylic and collage. This method of layering thread with other materials encourages my experimental and playful side. For example, when painting large brushstrokes prior to threading, I lean into the chaotic and unpredictable nature of them. This contrasts well with the threaded portraits which focus on technical ability, and are angular, refined and precise in detail.

The length of the nails allows the work to sit between the 2D and 3D. On initial inspection, it appears flat against the board, but as the viewer gets closer the lines of thread reveal themselves on a new plane, hovering slightly above the surface. The image is not quite 2D, not quite 3D. Occupying this space encourages me to push the work deeper into the 3D space. This is seen in works like “Joanna” and “I” and "VII"

_DSF5187RAWNov 13 2021 PS.jpg

Imogen Morris is an artist living and working in Birmingham, UK.


Imogen was born in Birmingham in 1991 and received a first-class degree from Kingston University in Fine Art and Art History (BA hons) in 2013. Her works are held in a number of private and public collections in the UK and internationally.



Kingston University | First Class | BA (Hons) Fine Art & Art History | 2013

University of Gloucestershire | Merit | Art & Design Foundation Diploma | 2010

Solo Exhibitions:

2022 | Digbeth Art Space “In Flux” | Birmingham, UK

2022 | Degreeart Gallery “Meet The Artist” | Bankside Hotel, London UK

2019 | Digbeth Art Space “ThreadBare” | Birmingham, UK


Group Exhibitions:

Upcoming | White Hotel “We Make Mistakes” | Manchester, UK

2023| RBSA, “RBSA Graduate Show” | Birmingham, UK

2022 | Virginia Visual Arts “Meet The Artist” | London, UK

2022 | Eastside Projects, “Summer Camp Show” | Birmingham, UK

2022 | RBSA Gallery, “Prize Exhibition 2022” | Birmingham, UK

2022 | Cosimo Art, "Something's Brewing" | Birmingham, UK

2022 | RBSA Gallery, “Friends Open Exhibition” | Birmingham, UK

2022 | New Art Gallery Walsall, “West Midlands Open” | Walsall, UK

2021 | Ikon Gallery, “Ikon for Artists” | Birmingham, UK

2021 | The Artist Lounge, “In the History” King House Gallery | Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

2021 | Boomer Gallery “Vogue Second Edition” | London, UK

2021 | Digbeth Art Space “Show Vend II” | Birmingham, UK

2019 | Digbeth Art Space, “ShowVend” | Birmingham, UK

2018 | The Anchor Gallery, “For the Love of Art” | Birmingham, UK

2015 | Compton Verney Art Gallery “Museums at Night” | Compton Verney, UK

2015 | General Practice, “ArtHole” | Lincoln, UK

2013 | Kingston University “Degree Show” | Kingston Upon Thames, UK

2013 | Stanley Picker Gallery Publication Launch of S&M | Kingston Upon Thames, UK

2012 | The Centre of Useless Splendour “SEMI” | Kingston Upon Thames, UK


Art Fairs:

2023 | The Other Art Fair | Truman Brewery, London UK

2023 | Affordable Art Fair with Degreeart Gallery | Battersea Park, London UK


2023 | Graduate Artist Prize in "Graduate Artist Exhibition" RBSA Gallery | Birmingham, UK

2022 | Highly Commended in “Prize Exhibition 2022”  RBSA Gallery | Birmingham, UK

2021 | Third Place in The Artist Lounge, “In the History” King House Gallery | Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

2012 | Highly Commended in 3D Category “Self Portrait Competition” The Art Yard | Birmingham, UK



July - September 2022 | Artist in Residence, Degreeart Gallery, Bankside Hotel | London, UK

2020 - Current | Artist in Residence, Digbeth Art Space | Birmingham, UK


Gallery Representation:

Upcoming | Art of Protest Gallery | York, UK

2023 - Present | George Thornton Art | Nottingham / Manchester, UK

2022 - Present | Seventh Circle | Birmingham, UK

2021 – Present | DegreeArt Gallery | London, UK

2020 - Present | Digbeth Art Space | Birmingham, UK


Public Commissions:

2020 | “Eyes” Art Quarter | Birmingham, UK

2019 | “Mary Lee Berners-Lee” Portrait | Innovation Birmingham Campus for the West Midlands Women in Tech Awards | Birmingham, UK



2022 | Create Grant for “In Flux” exhibition funded by STEAMhouse

2022 | Will It Work Grant for “In Flux” exhibition funded by the Princes Trust

2019 |  Materials Grant for “ThreadBare” exhibition funded by Eaton Fund

2016 | “Stitch Together” Quilt Community Project funded by O2 Think Big

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