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72 W x 102 H x 7 D centimeters


Materials: Thread, Nails, Paint, Spray Paint. Framed in a white box frame


This piece is a continuation of experiments like "Explosions of Chaos".

The chaos of the expressive paintwork against the angular technical threadwork creates tension in the work.

I use paint in a way that contrasts with the threaded image in the foreground. I paint big round brushstrokes and splatters, that sit behind a very technical, angular and refined threaded image.

The circular relief work adds an extra interesting element. Parts of the body have been cut out, so the eye has to work harder to piece the body together. Here I use thread to create abstract lines and patterns rather than forming the body of the subject (my usual use of thread). I am using thread in abstract ways as well as figurative.

I chose this model for her incredible presence – and I wanted her bold character to be represented in the work. The vibrancy of the colours reflect the vibrancy of character. This model appears multiple times throughout my art practice.

SeekingThe Void

£1,895.00 Regular Price
£1,516.00Sale Price
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