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53 W x 53 H x 7 D centimeters


I have created this portrait using solely thread. Because the original image is so bold and impactful, no application of paint is required.


The image comes from the poster "Ciao Manhattan” in which Edie Sedgwick played a character that reflected her own lived experiences. While filming, Sedgwick died over an overdose. Her contribution to pop culture and the arts is hugely underrated, and so this piece is a way of recognising her influence.


Using black thread with hints of blue thread beneath, I have built up Sedgwick's heavy eye make up (which Sedgwick was renowned for), her delicate facial features, and the dark background in which her portrait appears from. The resulting image simple, but hugely impactful.

Caio Edie (Blue)

£590.00 Regular Price
£472.00Sale Price
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