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A limited editioned print of my most recent work of Frida Kahlo.


The original piece is my first in exploring deep, bold colours to represent the subject. This is a brave move on my part as I've always steared clear of darker colours in favour of light colours, for fear of the background paint being too overbearing for the threaded portrait.


Here I've managed to make it work by using contrasting colours - reds, browns and golds as a background, contrast well with greens and blues in the foreground.


These colours also reflect the bold and fearless character of Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo showed continued strength and resilience throughout years of chronic pain which often left her bed-ridden, she painted regardless of her physical ailments.


Print Size: 50x50cm

Framed Option: Framed in a slim oak frame. Total size: 52cm


The original is being sold via If you are interested in purchasing the original then please contact me via my Contact Page.


Limited edition of 10. All prints are signed and dated on the reverse. You have the option to purchase the print as framed or unframed.

Frida Kahlo Print (50cm)

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